Urban features are the newest addition to the snowboard scene. Urban riding can happen anywhere there is snow and a surface to launch down, over, off. Think rails in cities, roofs that offer snow drifts around them, concrete structures with good drops. Here are a few of the technical terms for urban riding.

Hand Rails
In the Urban setting, hand rails are everywhere. It is the challenge or the Urban Rider to find creative ways to get speed for Hand Rails set on stairways around the city or in random and unusual locations.

Bomb Drops

Urban Riders like to find drops from all sorts of things to a little landing that is either naturally there or built by the bomb dropper. They will drop off of Buildings, Signs, Bridges, Parking Garages and anything else that provides possibilities.

Wall Rides
Riders will build little jumps out of snow set up to launch a rider up against a wall so that they can slide it. Talk about hard on a snowboard. Get that warranty out.

Ollies off of ledges, over gaps, over fences, over people, whatever.

From yard to yard or roof to roof, if there is a sketchy transfer to do a rider with a wanting eye will find it, slay it, and maybe get a good photo or video clip out of it.

Zach Hale street riding