A cornice is a wind built feature that occurs on a ridge-line or shelf in the natural terrain. The wind blows up one side of the mountain and as it curls over the ridge it deposits snow on the back side of the ridge until it grows into an overhanging snowbank. Cornices are so fun to jump off of. They can be as little a 1 or 2 feet and as big as 40-50 feet, then if it’s really steep below, the air potential is unlimited.

Cliff Drops
Jumping off of Rock Faces and Rocky Out-croppings the rider temps fate. Some riders focus on doing the biggest drops while other do tricks off of the more moderate sized drops. Many of the best backcountry riders can do inverted spinning moves off of and over Huge Rocky Exposures, then land in the pow for smooth touchdown. It is incredible and breath-taking to riders and onlookers alike.

Wind Lips
A Wind Lip is another naturally forming Freestyle Snowboarding Feature that is built by the wind. This time the wind is blowing up hill and forms a cornice on a roll or hump on the hillside. The cornice that forms a wind lip faces uphill and has room to get speed up above it. People will cut back the cornices’ curl to leave a kicker takeoff that sends the rider up and over the ridge that the cornice is formed on to land on the backside of the wind lip or roller. Many Wind Lips like the one at Whistler BC are location for some of the biggest airs of all time. Big wind lips usually have a massive transition into the takeoff, then a gentle roll to a landing that is super steep. This allows for confident takeoffs and huge hangtime.

Natural Hips, Quarterpipes and Halfpipes

Natural terrain, snow storms and wind can sculpt some incredible natural freestyle snowboarding features. Huge Powdery Quarterpipes and Hips? Yes, it sounds like heaven doesn’t it.

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Here are some mouthwatering natural terrain shots